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            Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Dan Millman, Judy Orloff, and many more.

Holistic Health Practitioner program

  All students who have completed at least five courses with us (see course list) are invited to apply for board certification and membership with the American Association for Drugless Practitioners to receive your H.H.P. credentials. Please call the AADP if you have any questions regarding their certification process. 888-764-AADP (2237)

 Please note: We have had an unfortunate passing, a dr who will be wholeheartedly missed for her guidance, dedication to learning cutting edge alternative health modalities and spreading wellness information to all who crossed her path. It is for this reason the collective decision has been made this day, April 15, 2016 to discontinue taking on new enrollment while still serving current students. We will remain in good standing with the AADP until the last current student completes a course. We will continue to offer the best selling author e-classes which are non certificate based. As stated in the policies section we ask that you complete your courses/program within a two year time frame from the date of purchase.